Cloud Computing Pros and Cons

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

One new factor in the business and professional world is the use of cloud computing which can mean one of two things…cloud computing can mean saving things in a data center versus your own hard drive or being able to access your own computer at an external site. A good article from NetworkWorld in 2009 sums up the pros and cons of cloud computing.


Buisness World Technology

In today’s world performance is key and time is money. So the average business person needs to be completely in touch at all times. So the technology they need in their hands should be powerful. So when we think of computers TechNeck has been talking a lot about laptops but we haven’t strayed very far into the world of desktops. Most businesses need that extra bit of computing power to help with the number crunching…

We found a website…Top Ten Reviews that ranked the top ten desktop computers for businesses. Check it out!

Students and their Computers


One of the most important pieces of equipment that a student can have is a computer. However we aren’t just talking about internet surfing, so in this case a Google Chromebook will not work unfortunately. Why? A student needs to be able to run a variety of software programs that may be needed on a daily basis.¬† For instance I use Microsoft Word¬† and other component of Microsoft Office which is available on both Windows and Mac platforms almost every day. Not to mention the fact that if you do browse the web you need to have the ability to run various Adobe applications that include Acrobat, PDF Reader, as well as Flash ) Or if you are a Mac user QuickTime.

So when we start looking at a computers ability to do something there are several things to consider. Processor, RAM, Memory, and Graphics Card.


So first we will do a little discussing on processors…If its not an Intel be a little leary. Sure there are other cheaper processors out there that do a decent job for half the price. But one thing that you get is the assurance of a quality from a company that has a product in 99% of computers on the market. Intel has two very good pieces of equipment out right now and those are the 3rd Generation i5 and i7 that run anywhere from 1.6 GHz – 2.5 GHz

RAM (Random Access Memory)

This is the only time in this post I will say that a Windows Computer will most likely serve you better that a Mac will. For the small reason that you can upgrade most PCs by just opening it up and literally adding RAM. If you are going to be running a lot programs at once or a couple very large programs like Final Cut Pro for Mac or Adobe Premier. If you do choose a Mac make sure you purchase more than enough RAM when you buy the computer so you have enough. Typically 6-8 GB will serve you well!


This is a misleading heading as what we are actually talking about is hard drive space. Depending on what you are doing will determine how much space you need. If you are typing a lot of papers and taking pictures you aren’t going to take up as much space as say a person who will be editing either audio or video or doing a considerable about of graphics processing. Ideal size may be around a hundred GBs as a baseline then add or subtract from there depending on what you are doing.

Graphics Card

This one is important if you are running video editing programs, playing games or watching high definition movies which those three categories alone cover a solid chunk of people! Apple and many Windows computers use either Intel HD Graphics cards or Nvidia GeForce graphics cards both of which are solid choices in this realm so check that out as you are considering a purchase

Hope this helps everyone and that you pick a computer that matches what you need! If you have any questions find TechNeck HC online and ask away! Also stay tuned as this weekend Trevor Brass will compare computers on this weeks TechNeck Video!

Week 2: The Student

College Computer Lab

Last week we pulled out the Google Chromebook as part of our talk that centered around technology that the common everyday user would need to have. This week we begin talking about Students. Much like those common folks out there they need Computers, phones, and mp3 players too but they also need considerably more computing power in order to make some of their things work…depending on their major of course.

So starting tomorrow we will be exploring computers students may need. And not only that but diving a little deeper into the software they might need on that computer also! So go grab a friend or your soon to be college age child keep it tuned right here to TechNeck HC!